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captioned by closed captioning services, inc. right now workers are putting up the new steel at the new stadium. good morning i'm cheryl jennings. i'm eric thomas in for kristen sze. sue thompson is live in santa clara at the new site. >> reporter: work crews are on pace. a lot of things are happening this morning at what will be the new stadium for the san francisco 49ers. take a look at what is happening. there are a lot of beams that started going in this morning. it is a critical day for crews. also a milestone for what's
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ahead. as the first steel beams go in, the new stadium is now taking shape and fast. >> this is very exciting. in the life of a project, this is a big deal. >> reporter: a big deal because crews will work around the clock building the steel frame of the stadium, piece by bees. four cranes, 300 workers, 18,000 tons of steel. some beams weighing in at 36,000 pounds. >> this is the first kind of manifestation of a project coming to fruition coming out of the ground. >> reporter: before today much of the work in the pit was to put in underground utilities. foundation elements and a retaining wall. crews say by labor day you will see a full skeleton what is to come. santa clara's mayor is encouraged and the impact on the workforce. >> we have 36% unemployment here in the valley, now we
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have all these people working on the site over 300 and ramping up to over 1,000 by the end of the year. >> reporter: workers that will remain employed for some time as this 1.2 billion dollar stadium comes together with more than 68,000 seats, state-of-the-art technology, it will soon be one of the nfl's best. >> there's a lot of work remains but this is getting us off to a great start. >> reporter: a great start and a lot of that work continues at this hour. all of that steel that you see is being trucked in, the 49ers tell us it is american made. also massive cranes doing that heavy lifting, only 30 like it in the nation. four of them are here on this job site. you may have heard the santa clara mayor mention about the 36% unemployment i the valley. he's referring to the skilled construction trade. he says those jobs have taken a tough hit in the last few years. this project is definitely
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helping the economy at least as far as construction workers go. also, if you are keeping track the 49ers say this project is on schedule and set to open to fans in 2014. sue thompson, abc7 news. this season you will be able to catch the 49ers and raiders right here on abc7. it is8; nfl thursday night football 49ers against the seahawks october 18th. the raiders against the broncos december 6th, right here. happening now in san jose, jury selection underway in one of the largest patent dispute trials ever between two major tech giants. apple is suing samsung for intellectual property infringement. they say the company copied the ipad and iphone designs. apple is demanding 2 1/2 billion dollars in damages. the trial is expected to last through august. new details about a
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santa cruz woman who was run over and killed when she fell out a moving party bus. 25-year-old natasha nolan died friday night while return going the brad paisley concert. she was the daughter of the owners of the well-known pacific wave search shop. investigators state passengers onboard were intoxicated. nolan and a 20-year-old woman good into a fight and officials say somehow the bus to the -- door to the bus opened and they both fell out. nolan was run over by the bus. the driver has not been charged two passengers were arrested for public intoxication. a teenaged girl who authorities believe was kidnapped from her home remains missing an amber alert has been issued for the 16-year-old. authorities believe she is with her boyfriend and his father. they believe she was taken from her home last saturday night where the bodies of two men were found.
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police say they may be heading to mexico with a tan honda civic. another car they had previously been looking for was found abandoned. in the north bay investigators checking newest thrill ride at an amusement park for mechanical problems or defects after a scary incident yesterday. the superman rollercoaster was stuck in the air leaving dozens stranded for a couple of hours. amy hollyfield joins us from vallejo with are movement >> reporter: look behind me the coasters around the superman rollercoaster are up and running the park is open superman ride is silent they tone -- they don't know how long it is going to be closed. cries looked at the ride this morning they 15 minutes inspecting the tracks and didn't find anything unusual.
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>> we've determined it is not a mechanical issue to the ride or the track. right now they are continuing to do evaluation and further testing. >> reporter: the ride stopped yesterday afternoon while carrying a dozen people. the group was stuck 150 feet in the air for an hour and a half. everyone on the ride was okay and did their best to pass the time and not think about what could happen. despite the scare on the new rollercoaster, people were still eager to get to the park this morning. guests started arriving an hour before six flags opened. some were a little scared about the superman ride many the enthusiasm for the rest of the park was still high. >> we won't get close to it because of the fact of what happen. that shouldn't stop us from trying other rides. >> reporter: there are some who be hoping the ride will still open today if it does they plan to climb born. >> they probably through the safety procedures. hopefully, it will be fun. >> reporter: the park spokeswoman says the ride will
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probably not open today. the staff has been calm about the malfunction explaining these things happen. >> unlike everyone else, if is something like this that happens they will teal with it, they are not going to -- it is not anything uncommon in the world of rides in general things do stop. >> reporter: there's a safety mechanism in place sensors on the tracks so the coaster will stop fit detects something is wrong many they don't know if that's why it stopped yesterday many at this point, the ride is closed indefinitely. they don't know what is wrong with it. they don't know when it will be open again. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. the man accused in the colorado theater shooting rampage is back in his cell and now officially facing two dozen murder counts. he appeared in court earlier this morning. carolyn tyler joins us with the latest. that's a fraction of the charges. >> reporter: you are correct.
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numerous charges, no cameras were allowed inside the courtroom this time. defense attorneys had successfully argued that could compromise their client's right to a fair trial. james holmes now knows with what he's facing after being formally charged today. 142 counts in all. including 24 counts of murder. two for each of the 12 victims shot to death in the colorado theater. 116 counts of attempted murder, doubling the number injured. one charge of possessing explosives and within sentence -- unlike his first court appearance this month where holmes was silent, observers say this time at one point he spoke with his attorney and looked directly at the judge when the possibility of the death penalty was mentioned. >> if he gets convicted of one count of first degree mur the punishment will be either death penalty or life without parole. >> reporter: this case is raising questions about
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doctor-patient confidential tip. the judge today ordered a notebook holmes sent to his psychiatrist be turned over to the defense. next month there will be a hearing about that evidence. meantime, families of the victims continue to grieve. this weekend ashley who was shot several times during the massacre suffered a miscarriage. she had already lost her 6-year-old daughter in the rampage. her aunt got a good look at holmes today. >> his reaction was different, because when we've seen him before, he looked like he was spaced out or out of touch. he looked very, very alert today. and very lucid as to what was going on. >> reporter: holmes did not enter a plea today. legal experts expect the case to be dominated by debate over his san still ahead, if you -- plan on heading to union square you may want to keep the car home. the street closures you need
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it is going to be more difficult driving around union square. starting today stockton between ellis and geary will be closed to all vehicles to accommodate construction of the new central subway project. stockton will remain closed
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five years. it will reopen during the holidays. in the meantime, grant avenue a down from stockton will be converted to two-way traffic. another controversial comment posing problems for mitt romney. he and his wife are in poland. he was in israel this morning. he told jewish donors israeli culture helped them become more economically successful than the palestinians. that statement angered palestinian leaders they said it was racist and out of touch. romney's campaign says the comments are being taken out of context. the episode seems to be another misstep for romney. he ang ed british leaders last week when he questioned the country's readiness for the olympics. reports say former president bill clinton will deliver the keynote address at the democratic national convention in september and set to formally nominate president obama for a second determine. democrats are holding the
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convention in charlotte, north carolina. the president is attended a fundraiser in new york. new york fifth grader getting national attention before his school banned him from giving a speech about same-sex marriage. he wrote that speech two months ago his principal in queens decided the topic was inappropriate. when a video of cam ro reading the speech went viral on the internet the school allowed him to give the speech at a special assembly. >> the original message was that no matter what orientation you are, you should be treated the same way as a straight person. >> a special honor for cameron when city officials heard about the story they invited him to deliver that speech to the new york city council. >> hopefully that made up for that trouble. >> kudos. meteorologist frances dinglasan in for mike nicco. today warmer temperatures because cloud layer wind as thick you see it here in this
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live shot check it out, just0s0w breaks in past the golden gate bridge. a lot of sunny conditions and i'll have your temperatures coming up. the alameda county food bank is asking for your help, but not just for food donations. are you holding the winner ticket? >> no. [ laughing ] >> nobody here. somebody in the bay area is 52 million dollars richer. we'll tell you where that ticket was sold, when we come ba
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the alameda county food bank is enjoying a wind fall of summer produce and shortage of volunteers to hand it out the bank needs more volunteers to package fruits and vegetables. today the bank is receiving truck loads of pears, tomatoes,
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watermelons oranges and other fruit they will need 1200 volunteers next month looking for groups of five. if you are interested we have a link on see it on tv. >> hope you can help. >> also thank you bay area you have helped us raise for bay area foster kids just by liking abc7 news on facebook. a few of our friends are: melissa p from fairfield, aaron j from san jose and sally l from walnut creek. you can still make a difference and maybe get your name mentioned on the news, just like abc7 news on facebook now one dollar gets donated to the sleep train dream campaign. time for a look at forecast. mike is not here, look who is! >> he'll be back tomorrow folks. he missed out on a gorgeous day. a couple live shots to show you from emoryville towards san francisco, the clouds
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cleared earlier today than over the weekend at this time it was much cloudier. i have another live shot mount diablo see how clear it is? we'll see temperatures warm up. doppler quiet now just picking up cloud cover around the bay area didn't get much drizzle this more. right now temperatures are in the 80s in antioch, 66 in san francisco, 72 san jose this is telling the story watch to expect today. degrees warmer than yesterday in santa rosa and nine degrees warmer in fairfield and live more. expect numbers to bump up today, sunny and warm, low clouds move in tonight warming inland midweek getting into the mid 90s. we've got this stable area of high pressure, very boring pattern, if you will ahead. that's good for us that means
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sunny all week. slight increase in sea breeze tomorrow, temperatures dip a bit. you notice we still got clouds along the coast even lunch time everywhere else is clear. then this afternoon the clouds pull back and move in again overnight. tomorrow morning we'll wake up with low clouds and fog highs of 83 in san jose today, mild, lots of sun. 78 in redwood city cooler an long the coast sea breeze 63 sunset district north bay 80s through petaluma, sonoma and napa. mainly 70s in the east bay. richmond a little cooler. also we'll see low 90s warm in pittsburg, brentwood 93. monterey bay area as well upper 80s through morgan hill and gilroy heading to the giants' game you may not think you need a jacket because it will be comfortable at 63°.
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things cool down quickly after the sunsets at 8:20. we'll start to dip into the mid 50s, overnight lows in the 50s for most everybody. similar to what we experienced this morning. sunshine all weeklong. fog coming in the morning. very typical summertime pattern slight difference in temperatures tuesday, bumping up wednesday, thursday, closer to normal next weekend. thank you very much. this can be your lucky day if you bought a lottery ticket at a certain store in free phofpblt so far nobody has come forward to redeem the 52 million dollar ticket that ticket was sold at the stop on walnut avenue matched all five numbers plus the mega number. the winner has 180 days to claim their 52 million dollar jackpot. the numbers were:
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23 8, 43, mega number 26. not us. -- you can win if you matched a few numbers there are prizes for that too. >> these little ones have the story to tell for the rest of their lives. their unusual arrival over the weekend. first here's josh elliot with what is coming up on good afternoon america. everybody in the bay area good monday to you. coming up all the latest olympics' news live from london dancing with the stars wild cards campaigning for your votes. hitting the grocery store jackpot an extreme coupon
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we want to take a moment to explain covering the olympics. on air we will announce a spoiler alert. we'll be posting the results on our social platforms but you have to click a link to see them. find us at and onuy twitter@abc7 news bay area. be sure to witch back to abc7 news after the olympics every night at midnight for local news and weather. abc7 news won't make you stay up any later than you need to.
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today michael finney has advice on what to do if your frozen food doesn't look like anything on the package. then the state fees that will be collected from home openers and the controversy over how the list was established. here's something you don't see on the highway everyday. a mom has given birth to a set of twins in the car while on the highway. >> they were born on long island saturday. it started when their parents pulled over to wait for an ambulance. >> before it got there, she gave birth to one in the ambulance and on the road again the second twin was deliver they got to the e with all the heavy lifting done. everybody is fine and they are expected to head home later today with quite a story to tell. oh my goodness. they are okay so that's good. >> yeah number one issue there for all of us on abc7 news
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thanks for joining us. thanks for joining us. >> w
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